DZR Shift: Urban Cycling and Street Artists Collaborate with Casual Bike Shoes

DZR Shift Bike Shoes -

Everything you love about their clipless designs in an everyday street shoe package.

We were still coming down from the high of riding the DZR Mechanic clipless cycling sneakers when the Shift was introduced into our lives. Cycling footwear in general has made leaps and bounds in terms of design aesthetics and much of this progress can be attributed to DZR. With their home base in San Francisco, they are located within one of the largest urban cycling scenes that this country can lay claim to and this clearly benefits their footwear designs. The DZR Shift urban sneakers offer an extremely attractive alternative to other versatile clipless shoes that we have tested so far.

DZR Shift Cycling Sneakers -

Funny enough, the focal point of the Shift can’t completely be seen upon first glance. Designed in collaboration with well respected street artists Burrito Breath, Wakako and D Young, these urban sneakers display their unique artwork on the interior. With a slight overlay of the print on the shoes exterior, this feature is predominately intended to please the individual wearing the shoes rather than those around them. This subtle feature can be appreciated by those of us who expect to wear the Shift in nearly every acceptable setting that our day may throw at us.

What makes these a true DZR shoe?

DZR Shift Flat Pedal Shoes -

The counter-gripped gum rubber outsole is a dead giveaway. We have always been fans of this compound as it proves to outlast our pedal strikes and grips both wet and dry concrete very well. I also noticed that its elasticity allows the shoe to flex without leaving permanent creases.  Of course, the 12oz black canvas on our personal pair looked super clean with our favorite denim pants from SWRVE. These shoes incorporate a low profile design that sits well below the ankle to seamlessly slide in and out of most toe straps while providing a casual look when worn with shorts such as the Cadence Collection Skyline.

DZR Shift Cycling Shoes -

Although the Shift doesn’t provide cleat compatibility it still offers a few features that every cyclist can appreciate. A stiffened midsole was strategically fused into the outsole structure for improved power transfer over most street shoes while directional tread finishes off the heel, underfoot and toe box. Go ahead and wear the new DZR Shift urban cycling sneakers wherever you want as they truly work for anything that a typical day may throw at them.

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