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A custom bag for a custom life is not an uncommon request for a typical San Francisco local. Urban cities around the globe are bustling with cyclists and commuters who all rely on their unique identity to stand out from the crowd as much as possible. As cycling industry natives ourselves we too find great importance in how we express our style and individual interests. Rickshaw Bagworks is just the company that satisfies the needs of an urban dweller and allows them to comfortable organize their daily routine in a custom way.

If your anything like us than you appreciate simple gear that is functional and comfortable. The Sutro by Rickshaw Bagworks covers these points exceptionally well with extremely simple styling and features that will prove to be much more functional than its looks may tell. With dimensions of 18”H x 12”W x 5”D and volume of 1080 cubic inches the Sutro is a unisex bag that can morph to fit your lifestyle. Although Rickshaw Bagworks may be a new company you don’t have to wear their bags for long to feel the design expertise that they build into each and every unit.

The features on the Sutro are simple and intended to be that way to simplify your life:


Built in laptop sleeve for up to 15” computers

Side splash proof zipper for easy access when traveling or riding

Padded straps with sternum clamp.

Expandable storage compartment for increased volume

Small front pocket for extra storage

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Since we review gear on a daily basis many people assume that we require the latest technology and most advanced materials to justify a purchase. This couldn’t be farther from the truth and in fact is quite the opposite. The Sutro bag is a prime example of how a fairly dynamic yet minimal piece of gear can win us over after a short use.

From commuting into work to weekend beach days or even tradeshow travels we would rather have one bag to do it all than separate specialty gear for each activity. During a typical week we spend most of our time in the office meaning most of our riding time comes to and from work. Rickshaw does a fantastic job designing their bags to withstand the streets while also looking professional for most office environments. The 15” laptop sleeve is roomy enough for the lab top and case with an additional charger stuffed alongside. The water repellent zipper allows side access when you need to access the large storage compartment quickly. Small features such as this are great but let’s be honest a bag is only enjoyable to wear if it’s comfortable. With moderately padded straps and a simple sternum strap the Sutro really is a versatile creature. From daily life to light outdoor adventures we were able to find comfort for hours of use. Unfortunately you really need to try a bag on before you can understand its value and that is exactly why we perform these reviews for you.


You won’t find many storage compartments on this model as it’s meant to be stuffed for the occasion. On the weekends we used it as a carrying case for our camera gear and lenses while on a day hike and appreciated how easy it was to access and sling around. To remain lightweight it doesn’t have much padding but for the trips we had it on none was needed. On a slightly different note its cordura skeleton feels minimal on our back even when stuffed with a laptop and notebook for the office. Although not waterproof the cordura nylon will keep your belongings safe for a period of time when your morning commute isn’t as dry as you would like. Since our morning commute is only around 30 minutes on the bike we took a risk in the rain (light rain here in in Southern California) and the bag passed the test without concern. If you need more protection Rickshaw does offer a more suitable material upon request.

Rickshaw bags are custom made to order in San Francisco with cordura, sweat and smiles. That’s right while many of your other bags are made with inexpensive fabric from blood, sweat and tears Rickshaw is taking a slightly different approach, handmade in the great USA from high quality materials to last you a lifetime.


When designing our bag we went with the classic looking moss green exterior and lazer yellow interior for visibility in the dark. So far we have commuted with it, taken it on a local day hike and stuff it with the necessities for a beach day. To this point it has done nothing but pleased us and cleaned up nicely just in time for the work week. If this routine sounds like your life than we are confident that you will appreciate the Rickshaw Bagworks design and craftsmanship approach.

With all of the great things to say about the bag nothing beats its customizability. When you order a Rickshaw you are purchasing a bag that is handmade in San Francisco from high quality materials to match your exact personality. From the main panels to the piping and logo you get to choose the colors that best represent you. In all reasonable terms you can use the Sutro for nearly everything and find something positive to say each and every time.


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