Chasing The Tour Around France

The Tour De France truly is the best sporting event in the world. Even if you aren’t a cyclist, you can find an appreciation for what these athletes are accomplishing. As a cyclist and lifelong participant of the industry, I can clearly see that this event continues to grow year after year with global spectator support and involvement even from individuals who really only want in on the crazy course side antics. With that said, the team at Mavic spent some quality time getting to know the race a bit more personally than most are allowed.

Sean Talkington and Tim Johnson wrap up their trip chasing The Tour around France. Let’s face it, tour coverage is easy to come by. To experience it in this capacity both as a spectator and documentarians, they were able to see the tour first hand and bring it you, the people that matter the most. From inside the neutral support vehicle, to moments before Froome runs toward the finish line, we hope you enjoyed their account of the best sporting event in the world. Chapeau! Alle!

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