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Best bikes for the office |

Urban Bikes Perfect for Every Office

Bikes can be aesthetically pleasing, a brilliant form of transportation, and most important, a fun way to exercise. So, if I summarize the previous sentence, bikes allow us to interact with design,…

Highest Paved Road in Every State in America

Highest Paved Road in Every State in America

Geotab, a pioneer in IoT and connected transportation, through a new study analyzing U.S. road data, has identified the highest paved road in every state in America. If conquering the climb is…

Five Motorcycles Female Riders Will Love

The motorcycle industry’s best-kept secret is that it’s gaining more and more women. In 1998, only eight percent of motorcyclists were women, but by 2015, that number almost doubled to 14 percent……

Big Sur, Ca

Life Design With a Trip To Big Sur

Exploring the concept of “designing your life,” this Designing North Studios original, is a photo enhanced essay about the iconic Big Sur Coast and the magic it creates within all who visit….

H+I Adventures Mountain Bike Tours

H+I Adventures Crafts New MTB Dream Trip

H+I Adventures crafts world class mountain bike adventures all over the globe, such as this other-worldy Switzerland riding adventure. However, their latest offering in the centennial state, Colorado, will surly transport you…