Bureo x Carver Collection of Skateboards

Bureo Inc., an emerging venture focused on developing solutions to prevent ocean plastic pollution, announced today the release of their newest skateboard model, the ‘Ahi’. Constructed from recycled fishing nets, the new ‘Ahi’ model from Bureo features Carver Skateboards’ renowned CX mini truck. Finished with a gripping scale pattern, eco-cruiser wheels and stainless steel hardware, the ‘Ahi’ combines materials from Bureo’s recycling program in Chile with locally sourced components. Bureo’s first skateboard model, the ‘Minnow’, was released in 2014 as a compact sidewalk cruiser. The 27-inch ‘Ahi’ deck is marked by a wider footprint (9 inches) and stiffer structure, continuing Bureo’s mission to push the limits of sustainability and performance.

Pioneering the surf/skate category skateboard truck design, Carver Skateboards is widely respected for their premium quality products, providing surfers with a skateboard system that behaves just like a surfboard in water. Designed with patented technology, the reverse king pinned Carver CX truck system allows the rider to pump the board like a surfboard, bridging the gap between surfing and skating and offering a cross-trainer for land. Ridden by the USA Surf team for training, Carvers are endorsed by surfers around the world including team riders Taylor Knox, Courtney Conlogue, Josh Kerr and Yago Dora. During the development of the ‘Ahi’, Carver athlete Josh Kerr took a break from the Word Tour and came to Venice, CA to assist in the product testing.

“We are excited to expand our solutions for discarded fishing nets through the Ahi, and show that our recycled materials can perform at the highest level,” notes Ben Kneppers, Bureo co-founder. “To be able to release the board with support from the Carver team is incredible, as we have always respected them for pioneering the ‘surfskate’ and continually leading the industry in quality and performance.”

Research shows that 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are currently taking residence in the ocean1. Unfortunately, the plastic tide is rising, with an estimated eight million tons of plastic pollution entering the oceans every year. Fishing nets have been recognized as the most harmful form of plastic waste in the ocean. Bureo’s Net+Positiva program works to prevent fishing net pollution by installing net collection points and providing funds to local communities for every kilogram of fishing net collected, which in turn creates value in the discarded material and incentivizes coastal communities across the coast of Chile. Bureo estimates that each ‘Ahi’ board prevents approximately 50sqft of net from entering the ocean.

“Bureo’s scientific approach to product design and rigorous testing is a perfect complement to Carver’s commitment to performance and premium quality,” notes Neil Carver, Carver’s founder. “The best way to encourage adoption of an eco-solution such as this one is to let the performance stand on its own merits first and foremost, without compromise. The only thing left is to have fun working on your surfing while doing right by saving the ocean.”

The ‘Ahi’ is set to launch in June and will be available for purchase at www.bureo.co. With a retail price of $195, early buyers will have access to a limited edition package (200 boards) including a Carver pipe wrench and a Bureo stainless steel pint glass. Boards will hit retailers towards the end of June. To support the launch of the ‘Ahi’, Bureo has created a 90 second short film depicting skaters’ connection to surfing and the natural environment.

Additionally, Red Bull TV has produced a 30-minute documentary featuring the development of the Ahi board, set to air summer 2016.

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