Body Glide User Review

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Body Glide is an anti-blister, anti-chafing balm forms an invisible barrier that guards against the rubbing that causes blisters and chafing. It’s a multi-use daily solution for preventing skin irritation from chafing, ideal for everybody.

I was skeptical using a body glide product as I wasn’t running as much anymore and didn’t have much chaffing on the bike. It wasn’t until I bought my new cycling shoes that I experienced extreme discomfort breaking them in. Out of the box they felt great, but once I was just 15 minutes into my ride I started to have terrible rubbing on the back of my heals and sides of my ankles. I was worried as the shoes were quite expensive and non returnable. I tried band aids and even my chamois cream without success. I then decided the bust the GLIDE out of the package and give it a go. The small size is convenient and great for taking it with you on the go. Application was easy and to my surprise not greasy (unlike other body sticks). I already had existing cuts and irritation from trying to break the shoes in and the product did not seem to further aggravate it. I noticed a pretty significant difference in my ride quality as I wasn’t in as much discomfort as I was before. Yes there was still a slight initial pain but after a little bit I was able to forget all about it. GLIDE not only seemed to help the problem from getting worse but it actually soothed my skin and left me able to focus on more important things like dodging cars and jogger moms. With no odor or greasy residue, using GLIDE is now a part of my morning routine before riding. I would highly recommend this product to customers and friends.

Review by cyclist Stephanie Denney in Southern California.

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