Behold The Smith Lowdown XL Sunglasses

Smith Optics Low Down XL

If you’ve been in the market for a pair of sunglasses lately, you have probably come to notice that there are way too many choices to choose from. There are certainly too many options to simply throw down your card or add to the cart and click buy it now without an understanding as to what this pair of shades will provide in comparison to the next. The common though is that if they’re expensive they’ve got to be good right? In most cases we would sure hope so. Based on experience the most expensive isn’t always the best choice especially when it comes to personal preference and lifestyle glasses. So with this said is it really possible to get a pair of lifestyle glasses that hits all the marks: Inexpensive, high-quality and last but not least a pair that looks good on your own face and not just the model on Instagram?

Let me introduce you to the Smith optics lowdown XL.  With this offering Smith is hitting all the marks and then some. This comes to us with no surprise being that Smith has been innovating and changing the game since 1965.

Smith Low Down XL Side

Smith Low Down XL View

The Smith Lowdown XL brings the coverage being that it is the largest in the lowdown family. The frames are made from a lightweight eco-friendly material which adds a great touch for many of the younger crowds that are looking for an easy way to live a greener lifestyle. Besides going green we found that this unique material had other benefits as well. After leaving the glasses in the car all day with 100+ degree weather we were pleasantly surprised to come back to the shades being slightly warm to the touch and not lava hot.

Being that these shades are so large in size we feared that the comfort of the glasses would become a distraction as time went on. Maybe you have already heard but everything has been a bit warm here in Southern California lately. This was definitely not the case as we were able to use the glasses for 5+ hours a day while being active in the California sun with little discomfort.

Smith Low Down XL Side View

The Lowdown XL frames are fitted with hydrophilic megol nose pads that really did work quite well. Whether I was on the beach or just cruising I never experienced the irritation that many plastic shades leave on the nose area. The frame is fitted with auto lock hinges and the curvature of the shades completely complements the classic styling of this evolved offering. The Lowdown XL spares nothing when it comes to the lens of the shades. They sport a carbonic TLT polycarbonate lens which has been a trust option for years. These provided amazing glare protection with an extra bonus of impact resistance. The lenses clarify your surrounding environment to an extent but don’t distort any colors.

We opted for the Matte black fade to tortoise color option. This combo has a very modern and edgy look that pops when the shades are in the sun. The classic look is all tied together with a classic gold embossed “Smith” logo on the frames arms.  The icing on the cake for the Smith lowdown XL – They carry a lifetime warranty!  Looks like you can have your cake and eat it too!

The Lowdown XL comes in six different and non-polarized options for $79.99 and two polarized options at $99.99.

Smith Optics continues to innovate by evolving classic designs while holding tight to its namesake of high quality and durable products to suit the most demanding individuals.  Behold the Lowdown XL

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