Baja Dark Skies Bikepacking Gravel Bike Adventure by Appetite 4 Adventure

Sean and James go to Baja California and ride from the Pacific Ocean, to the observatory at San PedroMartir National Park at 9280 feet, then back down and through dirt roads frequented primarily by off roaders to Mike’s Sky Ranch, and then through the Laguna Diablo to the town of San Felipe on The Sea of Cortez. They used the Swiss Army Knife of bikes, the specialized Diverge Be sure to follow our channel and check out

Transcript: James:
We already had this appetite for adventure
The idea of being on these roads are less taken and I’m dirt roads and a
chance to really be out in the wilderness going somewhere where there
wouldn’t be lots of traffic and lots of people was a real pull for me

You just go a little bit farther south it’s not that far
and then everything changes you know you’re out there in nature and beauty
The plan for the ride was basically to start on the Pacific coast and wind up in the
Sea of Cortez but going up this huge mountain in the middle

You know we spend our lives worrying about what’s in there and get all these
notifications on our phones and just all this clutter in our lives and it’s so niceto just beoutside your only thing is heading up this hill

The next day we got up and it was raining this day had like short steep
climbs and there’s is mud and you just can’t get traction and you’re just you know…it’s like the terrain is is battling you the whole way through
I fell over a lot… on both sides both sides multiple times
You don’t know quite how it’s gonna end you don’t know what’s going to come around the corner you don’t know if you are gonna stop, the bikes are wiggling everywhere

I’m pretty tired
Yeah, I’m going to sleep well
I’m just going to curl up in the old fetal position and sleep well
Yeah I’ll sleep like a baby
The final day we knew we have more ground to cover
We knew we were going to get to the Sea of Cortez that day, we knew we had to.
So we really went for it with the mexico jerseys
We are looking at about a hundred mile day with almost all of it being off road right that that’s a pretty long day.
Everything’s worth it for that 10 minutes sent when you’re just ripping at
50 K an hour down, and the bikes were perfect for that you know you don’t need
where was just the whole thing was just great that was wonderful

At the paved road we stopped at a little burrito shop and then we had a few miles
of paved road and I don’t remember how long it was 10 or 15 miles luckily it
was mostly downhill. The we’re just in this desert again and you get from the road you turn off on the
dry lake bed where there’s not really a road it’s just this big giant dried-up lake that you’re riding across
we’re making really good time like we’re moving across this dry lake bed and then
all of a sudden just you know we just we hit this mud.

We were riding mostly along the same course that the San Felipe 250 was on
and it was just a few weeks before so what happens is these guys go through this and they just tear it up and there’s loose sand everywhere

I’ve got 30 pounds of bike i have a hundred and fifty pounds of me and it’s
and it’s and it’s keeping my tire is that wide so it’s just like riding through
treacle a or something. So I said to Seans What about that desert over there, you know just to our right
why are we riding in that and he said I don’t know and suddenly apart from all the plants wanted to kill us something while making way faster progress

You know we’re riding along and James is following me that you can’t see those
rocks and bam James hit a big rock
40 minutes from the finish and he gets a flat

It was like you can see the end you know all I could think about was that ocean and
and having fish tacos and beer on the beach

I’ve traveled all over the world is one of the most magical
places that you can go and you can go…I mean we’re in san diego it’s I can ride my bike to the border
and be in such a different place and just escape so far from the sort of
every day in the mundane Mexico is one of those countries which we really give
kind of short shrift to then it’s an incredibly diverse country and a cuisine
the culture the indigenous people of the modern culture that they have now for me
the bike was the best way to see that if I didn’t ride bikes I probably wouldn’t
be here in San Diego and I certainly would have been down there in the Mexico.

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