Antartica Bound with One Ocean Expeditions

Have you dreamed of visiting the arctic? A place where wildlife and nature come together in a display of wonder found nowhere else on this planet. Adventure travel has come along way over the years, and with the right guides can be the best experience that you may have in your lifetime. If you currently have that fire during inside to visit a place that was once only seen on tv, we have the right group for you in Once Ocean Expeditions.

One Ocean Expeditions is a Canadian expedition cruise operator founded in 2007. The company operates two purpose built ships, each with a Lloyd’s 1A ice-class* and a capacity of 100 guests. These research vessels are specifically designed for polar exploration and combine modern comforts and superb amenities with first-class safety features. Offering a range of small group experiential travel programs in the Arctic and Antarctica, One Ocean Expeditions has developed a reputation for exceptional quality, customer service and great value. As a proud partner of the Victoria Straight Expedition in 2014, participating in the successful search for the HMS Erebus, One Ocean Expeditions has created itineraries tailor made for adventure and wildlife enthusiasts alike. These programs take passengers into unique and remote areas resulting in the creation of ambassadors for each region they visit. One Ocean Expeditions continually strives to excel as a polar expert by collaborating with researchers and explorers in exciting programs. In the Arctic, One Ocean Expeditions directly supports Northern communities through support of local business, donations and community outreach programs, whilst in Antarctica they are involved in numerous efforts in the continued scientific support and conservation of the continent.

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