Amberjack Introduces Streamlined Fishing Trip Experience

Amberjack, the platform simplifying the process of booking fishing trips by connecting people with the best guides, charters, and lodges around the world, today announces the launch of their Match feature, which simplifies the process even further. Users enter where and when they want to book a fishing trip along with what type of fishing and amenities they’re interested in – fly fishing with a guide, a deep sea charter, or all inclusive trip with lodging, for example – and Amberjack delivers the user a bookable trip with the best available outfitter from their vetted, extended network.

Amberjack’s Match feature has been built as a solution for customers who are not particularly sensitive to various logistics of their trip – which particular chartered boat, which group guide, etc. The feature takes Amberjack’s streamlining and optimization even further by cutting out a step from the booking process. After a customer enters their request, Amberjack runs it through their network of guides and charters to match users with the best possible option, ready to book within 24 hours. A $10 fee is charged to customers who book a trip via Match.

“We started Amberjack by connecting people with the best guides, charters, and lodges and found a majority of the users were mainly focused on only the end product – their actual fishing experience,” states Amberjack cofounder Jerome Tufte, “the introduction of Match furthers our commitment to making the process of planning and booking fishing trips as easy and enjoyable as possible.”

Amberjack’s mission is to get people outside and help them have incredible fishing experiences outdoors. For customers, Amberjack is improving and streamlining the process of planning and booking fishing trips by connecting them to outfitters via a familiar, intuitive interface. For guides, charters, and lodges, Amberjack is exposing more people to their services and unique experiences offered. In addition, Amberjack seeks to magnify the positive support the angling community has for the conservation of natural resources by connecting people with important conservation groups through its platform.


In conjunction with the launch of Match, Amberjack is also announcing a partnership with Trout Unlimited, a leading American conservation organization dedicated to conserving, protecting, and restoring cold-water fisheries and their watersheds. In a bid to aid and promote broad conservation efforts aimed at the protection of natural resources, Trout Unlimited will be advising Amberjack on conservation issues and connecting the company with quality, environmentally friendly guides. Additionally, Amberjack users will be able to become supporting members of Trout Unlimited at no cost following a trip booked.


“We’ve always been very inspired by the conservation work of many in the fishing and hunting community, and really want to support that in a way that’s very core to what we do at Amberjack,” said Joe Predham, Amberjack cofounder. “We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Trout Unlimited and are excited to look to them as advisors and experts as we continue to grow.”


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