Adidas Outdoor Boost Urban Hiker

Adidas Outdoor Boost Urban Hiker

Whether you are an avid hiker or cuffed denim wearing urban commuter the Adidas Boost Urban Hiker is one fashion forward pair of boots that will turn heads. I was literally on the trail for less than five minutes when a group of passing trekkers stopped and yelled whoa! Those are some sick boots!

The Boost Urban Hiker is 49% style and51% tech although your eyes may mislead you to believe the exact opposite. Yes, there are some obvious points such as the laces and lacing system that could be stronger for off road use but these boots excel in two completely opposite environments. After walking in the Boost Urban Hiker for over a week I would confidently categorize these as a sport day shoe rather than a long distance or backcountry boot. Fortunately this applies to most of my local trails where rutted out single track and super sandy ascents are really as technical as it gets under normal conditions. I know what your thinking and yes I did have to get these dirty in order to review their abilities.

Adidas Boost Urban Hiker

Where trail running shoes leave off these boots take over. Most noticeably the BOOST system stands out like a soar thumb but does so with so much intrigue. I simply am not used to seeing sport like features outshine rugged outsoles. I found this system to offer the amount of rebound that I would normally see in a running shoe. Although it doesn’t make for long term durability it definitely creates incredible comfort for a day hike. With a few hikes on the EVA heel frame and midsole I was smiling big from beginning to end. On hard pack and less rocky conditions this EVA unit with PRO MODERATOR pronation support made for a high level of enjoyment. It’s always a joy to forget about your feet while focusing on the hike and surrounding environment. In my case this meant shooting better photography.

Adidas Outdoor Boost Urban Hiker Review

Given that I have been wearing these in the fall with winter nearly here the temps have been much cooler and even in the high 30’s for early morning adventures. Since the Urban Hiker uses synthetic leather and is much lighter in weight and construction to accommodate urban use, Adidas added 100g Primaloft for proper insulation. Also used in synthetic down jackets this material forms an impressive warmth barrier against the cold. Since the shoe integrates this into its upper construction it didn’t cause any perspiration or overheating as you might expect. This boot although not meant to replace a more rugged cousin does use intelligent materials in the right places. The upper side construction does feel plush to the touch and would be much safer away from any rocks or branches. Its use on the trail is welcomed but its looks with denim and khakis is also hard to beat.

Adidas Continental Tire Adidas Continental Tire

In terms of sport comfort and cool weather performance the Urban Hiker is a pretty fun boot to walk in. I found it to be ideal for some photography adventures that I set out on and never had to worry about changing into my shoes when I was done. The natural colored synthetic leather and red boost heel foam contrast to turn heads. The cool factor continued where the rubber met the trail. Whether you are a car guru or cyclist the sight of a Continental logo is an instant plus. The outsole is thin in nature but does provide enough lugs to provide solid traction in many conditions. It’s more of a flexible rubber that Continental is known for and that is why it works so well in this application. On the pavement it flexes well and adds great traction to wet slippery surfaces. In the dirt it also grips rocks and displaces dry dirt to keep you upright. At 1lb 1 ounce this entire sporty system comes together vey well. Adidas isn’t known to design modest footwear and this boot is no different. It gives and takes in certain areas to provide superior comfort for both the trail enthusiast and cool weather commuter. When wearing these I feel in control on the trail and like a beast on the streets.


  • Just got a pair. Not real happy with them. Wore them for a day working and hiking Colorado. The lace holders rub my feet. It becomes unbearable. They are true to size. I bought 11 because that is the size of my Sambas. I should have bought 10 and a half. I love adidas and have bought them for over 20 years now. Please help me change my mind of adidas. For after all the pairs I have bought and worn. Will this be my last. I can not return these for they have been worn. I am stuck…

  • I bought a pair, thinking they’d be a cool hybrid for winter-I could wear in the city and also walking around some relatively tame common land/ parks around London. This boot is like a sponge. Doesn’t even try to repel water!! Not ideal for the UK. Pointless apart from on a dry day.

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