ABUS For The Urban Rider

Summer is freedom – it’s time to roll out the motorcycle and ride. Most people do not think about the ‘what if’ scenario of motorcycle theft.   Many times cyclists do not lock up the bike or may have a sub-standard lock that is more of a visual aid then a functional and protective one.  ABUS is a German lock manufacturer that dates back 85 years, is family owned and designs and manufactures all products out of their own production facility.

The days of leaving your moto unlocked are over – thieves roll up with van, pick up the bike and take it to a chop shop.  Luckily for the urban rider there is ABUS – a family owned German business that dates back to 1924 and has been delivering quality product since day one. According to August Bremicker founder of ABUS stated since day one, ““Security needs quality” – more then 85 years later ABUS is still determined by that credo as well as incorporates all R&D and production within their own production facilities.

The Granit Victory X-Plus 68 packs a lot of security into its small shape and when attached to the 12KS Loop chain your security becomes even more formidable.   The Victory’s unique security innovation lies in its round shape and three independently rotating pieces that make it almost impossible to attack with tools. Secure the Victory 69 on the brake disc and use the loop chain to lock your bike to a fixed object such as an ABUS floor anchor or solid post for very secure locking.

Specifications :

14mm steel locking bolt on disc brake lock

12mm loop chain with fabric sleeve to prevent damage to paint job

Easy to use/handle thanks to rubberized ring on the middle rotating section

The chain, bolt, lock body and supporting elements of the locking mechanism are all made of temper hardened steel.

ABUS X-Plus key cylinder provides the highest protection against picking

Two keys supplied with the lock, one with LED light

Loop chain style makes for efficient use of the full length of chain

ABUS Code Card for easy ordering or replacing of keys

This lock offers the option to be keyed alike with other locks, meaning multiple locks would match to the same key (key code)

In-use tip: to limit the possibility of attacks, avoid laying the chain on or close to the ground.


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