A Plus Sized Camping Cot for the Big Outdoorsman

Coleman Big-n-tall cot


If you’ve been visiting Gearminded for any length of time, you know how serious we are about camping gear. One category of gear that I never compromise on, is what I use to sleep with when o a trip. A good night’s sleep makes all the difference after a long hard day of trekking.

Coleman recently sent us their Big-N-Tall Cot to put through the paces on one of our weekend expeditions, and that’s exactly what we did here.

Now I know some of you more hardcore adventurists out there prefer a lightweight foam or air sleeping pad, however, once you’ve had a night’s sleep on a cot such as the Coleman BIG-N-TALL in the outdoors, it’s really hard to go back to sleeping on the ground.

With that said, this cot is entirely designed for car camping as you might need two people to carry it. We were shocked at it’s overall size and weight but were quick to remember who it’s targeted for. There are many taller outdoor enthusiasts who choose not to rough it given their lack of sleeping options. Well, this new piece of gear fixes that problem immediately.

Coleman Big-N-Tall Cot

Our tester for this unique gear, who normally sleeps in the back of his truck, said he received the best sleep he’d ever gotten while out camping. In fact, he loved it so much he ordered one of these cot’s before our weekend was over. Yup, Coleman’s site is mobile optimized and allows for shopping in the woods.

At 5’11” I’m a little under sized to fully appreciate this cot, which is made for someone much larger than. The Coleman BIG-N-TALL is sturdy enough to support a person that weighs up to 600lbs and stands 6’8” tall. This is nearly double the capacity of the typical cot (~350lb rating) which I go camping with. However our tester, coming in at 340 lb. at 6’3” fit perfectly on this behemoth bed. It’s weight and size may blow you away but this obviously doesn’t deter the larger guys from seeking a good nights sleep.

Coleman Big-N-Tall Cot

Given its larger footprint, this cot proved to be incredibly well built. It stood up to a beating in the desert and simply looks better with a few scratches on it. It seemed to assert itself among the rest of our basecamp and just begged to be lounged on at all times. The legs and feet all sat evenly on the ground, allowing our big grizzly bear of a test mule to wake up feeling refreshed.

Coleman Camping Bed

So who is the cot best suited for?

Anyone over 6 feet tall, pushing the 300lb range would appreciate this best.  At 5’11 175 pounds,  I didn’t notice any difference in sleep compared to my normal military style cot. I did however notice the build quality of this cot was one of the best I’ve seen; good canvas, large rubber feet, makes it feel planted and no creaks or squeaks when rolling around.  All this however comes at a cost… weight. This cot is simply heavy, so much so that the case comes with wheels at the bottom of the bag, which was our biggest complaint.

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