9’0 Walden Magic Model Poly

Surf like a dream, paddle like a pro


The 9’0 Walden Magic Model poly construction is one of the most impressive longboards that we have ever ridden. From mushy surf to a chest high day you truly can’t screw up on this board. To prove it I unintentionally dropped into a wave that I should have seen doubling up. When it did in fact do so the nose of the Magic model submerged and quickly initiated a nose dive. What I didn’t account for was the unique Walden patented hull design that the board integrates into its shape. This concave feature recovered by displacing the water fast enough to allow for the board to resurface. I had never experienced anything like this and continued on as if this fault never occurred. This experience speaks to the fact that the hull design creates a noticeable amount of lift for optimal nose riding. Although we are not about to become proclaimed nose riding experts we put the board through the paces and were more than stoked. Since the patented hull design runs through the midpoint it also provides a greater feeling as to where you need to be on any given wave to get to the nose successfully. Paired with the double concave shape we spent the day walking this board providing hours of fun, fun and more fun.

GoPro on Walden

The art of doing everything well can be attributed to some standout features that are incorporated into this board. We noted the double concave that extends towards the tail to maintain speed and sensitivity and soon after recognized the moderate vee in the tail section keeps the board loose enough to throw around like a much smaller board.

On our final day with the Magic Model 9’0 we drove down to San O (San Clemente, CA) for our evening surf with chest-shoulder high conditions.

San Onofre


This is where we discovered the incredibly effective hard yet beveled edge that runs the perimeter of the board. With the larger swells we were presented with steeper take offs and when the rocky bottom is less than two feet below the surface you don’t want to second guess your stability on the wave. The full length rocker allowed us to control our edges with ease resulting in confident line choices on the wave. These challenging conditions only further proved that this board is truly dynamic.

From speedy take offs to smooth sliders the 9’0 Magic Model is undoubtedly magical. With our testing crew ranging from 5 feet 2 inches tall 115lbs to 6 feet 170lbs and both recording the exact same experiences speaks volumes to the unique design features that you receive with this board. What is the most impressive feature according to us you may be thinking? With the attention to detail in the shape, this board takes off and hits bottom turns similar to a much smaller board and cruises down the line with the confidence of a 10 foot plus board. Whether you are looking for your first serious board or want to add to your quiver we advise that you ride the magic model asap…..It’s that much fun.

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