7 Minutes Of Maui Surfing

With unusual weather patterns and swell directions that made any attempts to capture it on film a real challenge. My news feeds saw far fewer edits dropping this season compared to last. And the edits I did see rarely managed to come up with unique angles or find surfers who were creative enough to exploit the less than perfect conditions.

Enter The Habitat, Episode 1 from Maui-based Take Shelter Productions.

In the first episode of this ongoing mini series, local surfers Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Kai Barger Tanner Hendrickson, and Imai Devault spend their winter cruising the island and exploring new breaks. Filmed by Jon Spenser and former Poor Boyz and Rage Films cinematographer Dan Norkunas, it’s seven minutes of incredibly beautiful shots around Maui and some of the most insane aerial surfing you’ll see this week.

credit: TGR

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