2016 Pearl Izumi Women’s E:Motion N2

Pearl Izumi Women's N2

New Year’s resolutions are upon us all and there is a good chance that practicing better fitness is on your list. Even if you already exercise like a champ there is always room for improvement. When it comes to running, the determination has to come from within but having the proper gear truly makes a difference. Not too long ago we praised the Pearl Izumi Men’s E:Motion N3 neutral trainer for their comfort and all day performance feel. After putting some hard earned miles on the new Pearl Izumi Women’s E:Motion Road N2 our female crowd has something to genuinely be excited about.

After nearly three weeks of both outdoor and indoor training in the new N2’s we have found an extremely dependable shoe that balances comfort and performance. The E:Motion N2 were designed around dedicated running enthusiasts and incorporate a plethora of smart technology to keep you feeling comfortable longer.

The underfoot on this shoe is constructed to support the neutral runner and also offer support to the supinator running gait. Our specific athlete in this case has a traditional flat foot and found this design to extremely supportive especially on the pavement where impact can cause havoc on endurance training. With energy foam strategically placed in the forefoot as well as the heel we appreciated the balanced feel initial contact through the heel strike. On top of the balanced foam Pearl Izumi added blown rubber in the forefoot and carbon rubber in the crash pad to provide long term abrasion resistance with a bit more controlled cushioning.

Pearl Izumi N2

The new N2’s arrived in what appeared to be an overly simple package. To the naked eye they look like a minimalist shoe that are offered in a great color range for a diverse range of styles. When we learned that we were also being offered a trifecta of cushioning materials with balanced placement with performance materials we were more than happy to run in. The ergonomics of the shoe also proved to be a true benefit as the sock like upper grips your foot but still allows for that needed moment in the toe box.

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The 3-D seamless shoe material displays the premium quality that Pearl Izumi is known for while feeling plush and free of abrasion points throughout. After three weeks of 2-5 mile runs on a daily basis our E:Motion N2 shoes still look new and fit incredibly well. It won’t take more than once run in these shoes for you to understand what it means to feel good about running once again. After dealing with burnout and foot strain these new Pearl Izumi’s are a much-needed refresh. For moderate to long distance comfort that completely eliminate that harsh road feel to moisture controlling materials we highly recommend these shoes to you as a dynamic fitness solution.

Pearl Izumi N3

Running Dynamics

  • 4mm on initial contact to 7.5mm at mid stance
  • Heel stack height: 23mm includes midsole and outsole

Safety Features

  • Reflective tongue laces and heel

Price $120

Availability: February 2016

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