100% Drone Shot Whitewater Footage

Here’s a compilation of a crew’s first week of August seen from above. With most of them working during the day, they still find enough day light and energy to squeeze-in a few paddle strokes or a mini-mission before feeling the call of night-time dancing.

Frank and Rapha are taking you over a short and dynamic aerial journey. R as the drone pilot and F as the main camera operator. Geoff also helped a bit with filming.

A huge thanks to Nate Rigos for sharing so much of his drone knowledge and for doing a bit of filming as well! Check him out!

Paddlers: Francois Brassard, Richard Kemble, Mael Nguyen, Charlie Nguyen, Thomas Neime, Edward Muggridge, Hector Darby MacLellan and Sam Ricketts.

Song: Kings Season – C2C

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