Why Iceland Should be on your Travel List

You may have noticed that Iceland travel is booming at the moment. From paddling, cycling and hiking to surfing and flying drones this destination offers a world of adventure. As if Instagram and Facebook haven’t already convinced you to book a ticket to Iceland here is another form of media temptation.

If there is a destination that should be in your bucket list, this is Iceland. It is not anymore just a landmass you flew over en route to Europe, blame those sneaky Vikings who, according to the legend named Iceland as such in order to keep everyone else away 😉 But the secret´s out! Here you have in less than 3 minutes some of the reasons why Iceland will surpass even your most grandiose expectations! It is definitely not the ultimate kite or wave spot, but if feels magic to be so close to the purest nature!

If you accept a personal tip, the best way to explore Iceland is on a road trip with a motorhome. Thanks McRent for having the best service in the island.
And if you wanna paddle in between icebergs and feel the experience of being surrounded by dozens of seals just bring your inflatable RedPaddle with you!

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