Whale Gives Birth For Crowd

Here in Coastal Orange County Captain Dave’s Whale Watching and Dolphin Safari reigns supreme as the tour to take. If you want to see whales and dolphins then this is simply where you go. Launching out of Dana Point Harbor allows visitors that chance to intersect with the annual whale migration routes and nearly always results in some exhilarating encounters.

Since we grew up here and still live in the area these stories feel more special than normal as the local marine life is aways on our radar. This year alone we have enjoyed watching whales come so close to shore that you could literally swim to them in the surf. There aren’t many places in the world where you can grab a cup of coffee, sit on a bench and watch whales pass by as if you were watching the Nat Geo Channel. There happens to be a designated area on the beach side of the St. Regis Monarch Beach that has a lookout for just this purpose.

Although we have seen our fair share of whales we have never seen one give birth in person. Lucky for the group of tour-goers above they can check this off of their list. Although it’s technically in the dolphin family, the Flase Killer Whale is large enough to be confused for it’s non-related cousin. This female on video decided to bring its calf into the wild right on cue and made for unforgettable footage. With Cameras and GoPros on hand this group captured some incredible footage. Just remember, if your not on the water looking for them you will never see one.

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