We Talk “Birds & Bee’s” With Tsubasa Bicycles at NAHBS 2016

Tsubasa Bicycles
If you enjoy a healthy dose of sexy carbon fiber road bikes than you should be visiting the NAHBS this weekend in Sacramento, CA. The industry’s most creative and prestigious designers will be gathering to display their latest and greatest designs while showing off a plethora of artisan skills. The mass market isn’t for everyone and this incredible show is back for another year to prove this point.
In starting our coverage we were fortunate enough to hear from the founder of Tsubasa Bicycles on their latest creations. Ed Vavilovas describes his new line, “a result of Mother Nature’s design genius.” In Ed’s eyes there truly is no better designer than nature and the Crow and the Bee explore nature’s structures and capability.

Both bikes are unique to the carbon fiber bicycle market. They are hand built using Tsubasa’s carbon fibre layering system, where pieces of carbon fibre are meticulously layered over each other making the frame seamless. The result is a single body without joints. A single body of strength that lets the rider push the frame way beyond their limits.

It’s been an incredible journey from the day he first founded Tsubasa to now exhibiting at NAHBS. Let’s join him this weekend and see the fruits of his labor in Sacramento, CA.

Tsubasa CROW
The Tsubasa Crow is meant to capture the simplicity of a genius bicycle itself, just like a crows non sumptuous appearance, which carries the highest intelligence among the birds.
Tsubasa Bicycles Tsubasa Bicycles
The Tsubasa Crow is a road racing machine, with racing geometry. Oversized tubes for stiffness, PF30 BB shell, tapered head tube (1 1/8 , 1 1/2) for unbeatable handling quality. All of this has been topped off with HM, 70/30 fibre to resin ratio pre-preg to increase power transfer and maximise overall performance of the bike without an increase in weight.
Tsubasa Bikes
The Crow has a raw finish, which does not have a layer of clear coat nor decals, instead, it has UV and chemical resistant resin, which originally comes from pressurized pre-preg. This technique helped us to shave off “appearance weight ” (weight of clear coat, paint, decals), while keeping the frame’s composite structure safe and also helped us to purify the frame to its purest – nothing unnecessary, only pure performance is preserved.
Tsubasa BEE
The Tsubasa Bee is the outcome of our last year’s project, Tsubasa Takhion MASS, which took us two years to develop. It was a collaboration between legendary Reginald Vorontsov (and his son Vadim Vorontsov) who has created Takhion back in the late 70’s. Takhion won Olympic Gold winning against Cinelli and broke the World Hour Record.
Tsubasa Bee Tsubasa Bee
The new version of Tsubasa Takhion MASS was built using Single Piece Technology combined with internal bridging of the chain stays and down tube in order to increase stiffness without increasing tube diameter while maintaining original aesthetics of Takhion. We have used the same Single Piece Technology when designing and building our road frame, the Bee. This time, on top of the core of the frame, kevlar honey comb has been applied forming a protective layer to ensure durability of the frame’s core. Kevlar honey comb also adds rigidity to the frame and creates dimples on the surface of the frame, which also does increase aerodynamics.
Tsubasa Bikes
Why has it been named the “Bee”? Because of the relation to the honeycomb, but primarily, because it’s been designed to be a “busy bee” in other words a “working horse”. It is meant to be used extensively on long durational rides in a rough and tough conditions. This is when all those things – Single Piece frame for maximum performance, kevlar honeycomb for protection, dimples for increase in aerodynamics – add up and work in order to benefit a rider.

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