Wax/Surf Co. X KM Surfboard

Kaufmann Mercantile, the New York based online store for carefully selected, long-lasting, and well-designed goods announces the launch of the Wax/Surf Co. x KM Surfboard. 

For this exclusive, KM teamed up with Wax/Surf Co’s owners and founders, Tyler Jorgenson and Michael Farley.  The exclusive surfboard encompasses the extensive experience of two builders and avid surfers.  With backgrounds in architecture and custom fabrication, Tyler and Michael began building boards for themselves and their friends, until they eventually found themselves fulfilling orders for customers all over the nation.

wax-surf-co-km-surfboard-foam-core-5 wax-surf-co-km-surfboard-foam-core


The board features a single fin and a box tail, with a soft rail (rounded, wide nose) that transitions to a hard, squared off rail.

Designed specifically for KM, the board is available exclusively and kaufmann-mercantile.com



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