VIVOBAREFOOT Drake Lifestyle Mocccasin


Chances are good that you have at least heard of VIVOBAREFOOT or perhaps viewed their footwear online while shopping for a new pair of shoes. Many individuals such as myself have searched near and far for a pair of shoes that not only feels good on my feet but also doesn’t add to the plethora of problems that poorly designed footwear has on the body. From colorful insoles to squishy inserts I have tried too many methods for relieving foot pain and discomfort that a work day can cause. Not once did I think about the basics and how less might really be more. It can be an eye opening experience when you discover a pair of well-designed shoes that keep your feet feeling comfortable and fresh throughout the day.


We believe a natural human foot has all the technology you need to survive and thrive – it is the key for living happy and healthy lives. VIVOBAREFOOT exist to let you live, move, learn and play as if you were barefoot, all day, every day. We are challengers of the norm and embrace ancient wisdom while applying modern technology to create innovative and truly revolutionary footwear.

Over the past few months I have been wearing the new VIVOBAREFOOT Drake shoes as I experience the transition from standard sneakers to the more free-sole variety firsthand. As a wanderer and weekly adventure seeker this experience was a way to challenge my current closet inventory and find more comfort in the daily grind.

In its most simple form the Drake is soft and flexible suede stitched together in moccasin form with a 3mm sole and durable chord laces. Small touches such as a rear pull tap and honeycomb tread pattern complete this functional and shockingly comfortable shoe.




Given that I am a runner, cyclist, snowboarder and surfer I seem to always be looking for features that scream tech and performance whether I understand their benefits or not. When the whole minimalist runner trend launched years ago I never once though that this movement was for me and to be honest I still don’t believe that it is when it comes to high impact sports. For most other applications that life entails, the Drake is a super chill option that puts a smile on my face. From its simple design with premium materials and scientific backing the VIVOBAREFOOT experience is one for all to try.

I can best describe the Drake as a pair of slippers that are in complete disguise as an everyday trendy lifestyle shoe. The first time I put them on I remember smiling to my fiancé and saying wow I feel so free and exposed. This could be a result of my previous addiction to boots and high tops that pair best with cuffed denim. I constantly deal with plantar fasciitis and arch pain from over use and skinny leg syndrome which can’t be healed with snug boots. Soft suede and 3mm rubber sole was just enough to release a sensory overloading that I to this day can’t get enough of. It’s a similar feeling to feeling your board under your feet while on a wave and never gets old when used in the correct manner. For the classroom, office or weekend routine I very often can be seen in my new Drakes.

In all honesty the feeling of complete freedom and lack of support may take some getting used to for many. I was so accustom to having thicker soles and complete movement support that I had to truly practice walking normally. Believe it or not the human foot comes equipped with suspension and can function comfortable without much aid given you haven’t had previous injuries or structure altering accidents). The free feeling from wearing these shoes allowed me to flex my feet when walking while really feeling the ground beneath me. It’s a sense of control that I now welcome in my daily routine.


Over the past month the Drakes have held up very well given that I wear them about four times a week. The rubber outsole withstands dirt and normal street conditions much better than expected and the soft suede also repels dirt. The break in period is brief and only adds to the overall comfort of the shoes. The Drakes however are a casual lifestyle shoe and really shouldn’t be tested off of the pavement as they aren’t cheap to replace and are meant to be plush rather than rugged. The style of the Drake is on trend for many casual looks and appeals to me as an outdoor enthusiast who most often wears denim with a short sleeved button down. Most of the office doesn’t even realize that I am wearing a moccasin when they complement my shoes. When work starts to get the best of me and people tell me to smile more or look happy once in a while I simply lace up my VIVIOBAREFOOT Drakes and start walking.


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