Two Days in the Alps – Kona Precept

In the waning fall days of September, Kona’s video and photo crew traveled to the Swiss Alps to capture the three all-mountain models in our 2016 Precept Platform doing what they love to do, shredding trail. Along with Irish grassroots rider John Maunsell and Kona shop owner Garry Daveron, the team accrued some amazing still photography and footage.

Whether it’s fast and flowy, or rough and tumble, for budding trail, all-mountain, and enduro riders few bikes out there beat the value to performance equation we offer with our 2016 Precept Platform. From the ease and accessibility of the Precept 120, Kona’s well-priced, performance loaded XC-oriented dual suspension mountain bike, to the Precept 130, a bike that brings just a tad more suspension and technical trail savvy to the table, right through to the Precept 150, a full-fledged enduro/all-mountain steed that can take singletrack of all stripes, Kona’s 2016 Precept Platform is a force to be reckoned with.

Find out more about each model by watching the individual bike commercials here: Precept 120Precept 130, and the Precept 150.

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