Treeline Outdoors Roof-Top Tents

Introducing the Lodgepole and Tamarack roof-top tents by Canadian based outdoor gear brand, Treeline Outdoors. The new curved roof-top tents reduce weight, improve water shedding and increases aerodynamics.

“We have spent meticulous time redesigning our roof-top tents to be the most durable, efficient and enjoyable tents on the market. Built with specific roof-top functionality in mind, they don’t necessarily follow the lead of today’s high-tech ground tents,” says Chad Kendrick of Treeline Outdoors. “We utilize a blend of old and new materials (280g poly/cotton, rip-stop canvas) to make an all season, hardy tent fabric with CU (waterproofing), flame retardant, UV resistant and mold/mildew resistant coatings that will withstand both the elements and the test of time.”


Available in three new models, The Lodgepole, The Tamarack and The Tamarack Constellation, the roof-top tents feature oversized awning windows that campers can roll up for a totally unrestricted view. The tents are also equipped with removable utility storage bags, a hi-tech Diamond Ripstop rainfly and a built-in, cloth covered, high-density foam mattress that stays inside the tent during travel.


Weighing in at only 97lbs, the Tamarack model is built with an all-new lightweight 23mm aluminum honeycomb base, the strongest and most durable tent base on the market. The Tamarack Constellation includes dual frost proof PVC skylights and rainfly skylights, perfect for midnight stargazing and waking up to the sunrise. And it’s worth noting, all Treeline Outdoors tents only need 37 inches of bar to make your ride a home, easily fitting on nearly any car, whether you’re sporting a brawny Jeep Wrangler, shiny new Subaru or vintage FJ60.

“Our roof-top tents began with a bear, an unexpected visit from a large grizzly bear. Since then we’ve established Treeline Outdoors hoping to inspire people to explore their backyard, the wilderness and appreciate the natural world around us,” says Kendrick. “We strive to deliver products and service to our customers that are above and beyond what they expect from us. In the process, we hope to give back as much as we can to be true to the nature of our business, which is, of course, nature.”

The new roof-top tents are the first of several new products scheduled to debut in Treeline Outdoors 2014 summer collection. Tents are available at

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