TICKR X Fitness Tracker User Review

9 Simple looks with powerful tech

What can I say; a fitness tracker is a heart rate monitor isn’t it? A finicky piece of equipment that is uncomfortable to wear and a pain in the butt to sync between my multiple Garmin head units, especially if there is someone else in close proximity wearing one.

That’s what I thought anyways…

The Wahoo TICKR X fitness tracker with memory is somewhat a different animal in a very good way. Some key features to this unit are:

A light on the front face to let you know that it’s working! With my previous stock heart rate strap, I am left guessing if the battery is dead or not when I am on longer rides. When riding without my phone I clearly received vibration alerts to assure me my device was connected. Again I have to reiterate how simple the TICKR X looks yet it packs such a powerful punch.

Comfortable straps! The straps included with the TICKR X heart hug your chest well so you don’t need to over tighten, and they grip better than its competition so they will not slip down easily. Not only was this device extremely comfortable but also it was also very smooth in relaying data between my cycling computers. Firmware updates in the near future will offer rep counting, allowing you to track your reps in the gym including pushups, squats, lunges, sit-ups and more. The TICKR X really will be the ultimate workout wearable.

Easy Sync. This unit paired with my Garmin the way all monitors should, immediately and without any issues. I didn’t have to “wet my chest” to get the tracker to recognize my heart rate, which was nice. Even more impressive was the devices ability to remain connected during all of my rides without any issues. The large memory capacity allows you to track your heart rate, calorie burn, and duration while you workout without your phone and auto-sync later – holds up to a 16-hour workout! Perfect for all those activities where you can’t have your phone on hand.

To experience all of the devices innovative features we had to use the Wahoo Fitness app for iPhone. Currently users must have an IPhone 4s or newer to use these features with an Android launch coming very soon. Want to use your IPhone and GPS watch or cycling computer at the same time? No problem, the ANT+ and BLE capabilities have you covered. We will soon be using the companies Burn & Burst program to begin a heart rate training program.

In the end, there’s a large difference between a premium heart rate strap such as the TICKR X and an over complicated bug filled competitor. With seamless support from over 50 third party IPhone apps every athlete can find a helpful function to take advantage of. This strap by far exceeded my expectations and has made its way into my weekly routine.

To understand how the TICKR X can work for you check out all of the features and capabilities HERE.

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