The Worlds First Wavegarden Surf Contest

RB Unleashed took place in beautiful Wales this Saturday 19th September. It was the world-first “Wavegarden” surfing contest and welcomed some of the most progressive surfers in the world who came to Surf Snowdonia to compete at the best man-made surfing lagoon ever built. By generating waves on demand, giving every surfer equal opportunity and without any wave lottery that can come with unpredictable ocean swells, the event also unveiled a fresh, exciting, brand new format. A unique man-on-man duel concept, which saw pairs of surfers go head to head, wave for wave, in a best of five format. Unhindered by having to juggle conventional surf event parameters such as ocean swell, tide and local winds, Surf Snowdonia’s lagoon offered ideal conditions to the pro-surfers to express themselves. More than 2.000 spectators, including surf star Jordy Smith, had have the chance to get closer to the action than has ever been seen before, paving the way for a new era in competitive surfing.

It was crowd favourite Albee Layer (HAW) who became the first ever RB Unleashed champion, after a string of spectacular displays carried him to victory over the plucky Billy Stairmand (NZL).


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