The Ultimate ICELAND Adenture

With so many Iceland adventure videos on the web you would think that this destination would be all washed up by now. Social media has a funny way of outdating things and travel destinations are no different. But, Iceland isn’t one of these places. Iceland is so unique, and filled so such amazement that you could travel here three times before you even thought about changing up your routine. Fortunately the guys at BROTHER gathered some footage form their latest trip to prove out pint. Enjoy.

We spent a week in Iceland driving and exploring. The landscapes were never ending along with the days. The sun “set” at 11:30 and “rose” at 3:30.

Iceland is place that deserves more than one trip and more than one week. So take this video as it is – just a small fraction of a week’s worth of travel in the pure and rugged beauty Iceland has to offer.

Music is by our friends of Wilderado. The song is “The Ocean and Sea”.

Shot on Sony FS700, GH4, and Phantom 3

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