The North Face Explore Fund: Little Expeditions

Los Angeles based director, Colin Kennedy tells us about filming, “Little Expeditions” and how his two and half year old son’s innate desire to adventure is why they Never Stop. 

From the moment Sonny could walk, he was running. At first he would run through the house and in the yard but within a couple of months he was running around the entire block. There was something incredibly captivating about watching an eighteen-month-old toddler barrel down the sidewalk in full sprint. Turned out I wasn’t the only one who felt that way; friends, neighbors and complete strangers alike would comment on Sonny’s running. Around the neighborhood he became known as the “baby who runs” and everyday people would tell me that they’d never seen anything like it. Sonny’s desire to get outside and go was innate. So, twice a day, nearly everyday, we’d exit our house and Sonny would toddle through our yard down to the sidewalk, once there he would immediately burst into a sprint, only occasionally slowing down to inspect an architectural anomaly (i.e. a stand alone mailbox) or converse with a barking dog behind a fence.

“The North Face”

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