The Dominator™ 2017 Clean Fuel Humvee for Specialty Applications

Alkane Truck Company announced that it expects the sale of the 4WD Alkane Dominators to exceed $500 Million by the last quarter of 2020. A large market the company is pursuing is specialty applications, such as police, fire and rescue, border patrol, forestry, wildlife and other similar government applications where challenging road conditions and rugged terrain might present issues for standard equipment.

The Dominator™ utilizes a 6.0 Liter, PSI V8 liquid propane engine.

Since there are no humvee-style vehicle bodies produced in the U.S., Alkane went outside to Brazil to obtain the sturdy glider frames from a manufacturer known as Agrale. This manufacturer has been in existence since 1962 and currently produces all military vehicles to the Brazilian government. Agrale will ship the vehicles to Alkane as an assemblage of parts where they will be assembled together with necessary U.S. manufactured DOT parts, such as powertrain, axles, fuel systems, brakes, etc.

Government vehicle fleets are generally moving towards alternative fuels that are cleaner burning and less polluting than gasoline and diesel. The Dominator™ utilizes a 6.0 Liter, PSI V8 liquid propane engine with a GM R90 6-speed automatic transmission, which offers plenty of power and torque for even the most extreme conditions. Because of the 345 horsepower engine and snorkel exhaust, it easily overcomes the challenges presented by standing water up to 40 inches in depth. With the tall road clearance of the front fenders and powerful 373 ft. lbs. of torque, the Dominator™ can climb a 60° slope with ease. In addition, it has an attack angle of 57° and hugs a side slope of 30°.

Invest Through CrowdFunding.

You can invest in Alkane Truck Company and obtain shares through its crowdfunding campaign with StartEngine. Alkane is currently raising capital to purchase parts and inventory to expedite delivery of the vehicles to its dealer locations. When the crowdfunding effort is funded, the
company intends on applying for an over-the-counter (OTC) offering after which they will apply
for placement on the NASDAQ. This will open up the company’s shares to a much larger pool of investors.

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