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North Drinkware Pint
North Drinkware has launched The California Pint – a handblown, 16 oz pint glass with USGS data of majestic Half Dome in Yosemite National Park molded into the base of the glass…also timing up with the National Parks centennial.

The California Pint creates a connection with the millions of people that have visited Yosemite and with Cali’s 3.5 million barrels of craft beer each year. This mashup of modern technology and the age of craft of glass blowing is one of the unique differentiators of North.

Made in Portland, Oregon these glasses are lead-free and dishwasher safe. All glasses are handmade one-of-a-kind products that may have slight variation. Packaged individually and wrapped in custom topo map

North Drinkware

The inspiration behind North Drinkware and the California Pint

  • Can you talk about the inspiration of starting North?

We made The Oregon Pint because we wanted a glass with a connection to the places where we live and play. We were seeking a glass that was crafted with the same skill, care and consideration as the beer we love to drink. The idea came about when enjoying some good OR craft beer and reflecting how we were drinking this great beer out of a crummy pint glass made overseas with no local connection.  We wanted to make glasses that had a connection to the mountains that surround us, and the satisfying experience of drinking a local crafted beer out of a local crafted glass.

  • What led you to the creation of the California Pint?

North Drinkware

We had planned from the beginning to launch The California Pint after The Oregon and Washington Pint.  All three of the west coast states have a strong connection to the mountains and craft beer markets.  Choosing Mt. Hood for Oregon and Mt. Rainier for Washington were more obvious for us but choosing the right peak for California was a bit tougher.  We challenged ourselves to come up with one icon that the entire state has an emotional connection to. We discussed both Mt. Whitney and Mt. Shasta, but when we were brainstorming Half Dome was mentioned and we just knew it was perfect. Not only is Half Dome a global icon of Yosemite and California but it has a personal connection to all of us at North.  One of our co-founders and partners Nic Ramirez grew in Northern CA spending lots of time in Yosemite, and Matt and I have also adventured and climbed in Yosmite as a family with our kids.  Visiting and exploring Yosemite has had a powerful and lasting impact on each of us. After talking more and modeling the the USGS data, it was a clear choice for The California Pint. We also liked that it was a little unexpected!

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