Surftech Dino Miranda 8’4″ Longboard

10 Our board of choice for 2014

When it comes to the sport of surfing, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you are constantly searching for a well-balanced board that integrates performance and fun. Let’s face it, when you are out on the water you are there to have fun. With a plethora of boards of all shapes and sizes Surftech has partnered with numerous renowned shapers to design performance-oriented boards that promise optimal amounts of fun.

Shaped by Randy French and designed by Dino Miranda, the Surftech Dino Miranda 8’4” longboard has been under our feet for just under a month and we are now showing signs of stoke exhaustion; the condition that forms when you are stoked for so long that your friends and family no longer mention the word surfing in your presence.


 The shape

Nose Width: 18.11”

Mid With: 22”

Tail Width: 14.25”

Thickness: 2.75”

Volume: 56.2L

Fin System: Center Box FCS, 5 Fin Setup

Using Surftech’s latest technology called ULTRA FLX, this design utilized materials that have similar qualities to traditional polyester yet also have the lifelong strength of epoxy. The result is a very lightweight board that fells lively under your feet and is super easy to maneuver in diverse wave conditions. This model wants to be ridden like a fun board with loose rails yet offers the stability and confidence that can normally be experienced on a flat nosed longboard.


Here in Southern California, we have been riding this board at San Onofre State Beach as well as Doheny State beach where the swells have been larger than normal. Both of these locations consistently offer a very rocky bottom that has served as worthy testing grounds for the claimed durability and strength of the ULTRA FLX outer skeleton. It wasn’t long before we dropped in alongside a boulder at low tide and quickly understood just how much more durable this material is than traditional PU with a glass shell. As described in our intro, this board allows for more freedom when surfing in diverse conditions that in turn allows you to focus on having fun.

The ability of this board to surf many wave types can be explained by its dimensions shown above. A nose that is just slightly narrower than it’s moderate width, keeps the board tracking on the wave while offering a bit more area under your feet to turn this board sharper than most longboards. The narrower tail width allows for fast wave entry propulsion when you find yourself in the sweet spot. The 5-fin setup has been an added bonus as we have been able to move our FCS fins back and forth to the rear and front boxes for different wave and current conditions. Here you can adjust how freely you want the tail to engage on the wave. Lastly, at 2.75” in thickness the Dino Miranda 8’4” floats well and most importantly, tracks within surface of the wave rather than completely on top of it. This feature was very important to us as we felt more in tune with the wave from small to moderate wave heights. The defined rails lightweight truly enhanced our surfing experience every single time that we rode this board. From novice to expert surfing abilities the 8’4” Surftech by Dino Miranda provides optimal performance and maximum fun.


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