Designed for surfers, swimmers and other water athletes, SurfEars™ protects your ears without affecting hearing or balance.

Now available in the USA through Creatures Of Leisure distribution and, SurfEars™ block out water, cold, air, dirt and bacteria, preventing ear inflammation (swimmers ear) and abnormal bone growth in the ear canal (surfer’s ear).

Measuring close to zero acoustic loss, SurfEars™ are by far the soundest translucent plugs on the market. SurfEars™ actually let so much sound through it is easy to forget you’re wearing ear protection. With SurfEars™ you can easily keep normal conversation and hear exactly what’s going on around you without feeling isolated.

Specially designed with interchangeable parts, SurfEars™ can be customized to fit perfectly in your ears. Plugs stay in place with the help of the fixation wing, easily withstanding extreme activities and heavy wipeouts.

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