STREIF One Hell of a Ride

This fall click into “STREIF – One Hell of a Ride,”as Red Bull Media House in association with Planet Watch take you on course of the world’s most famous ski race, the Hahnenkamm Races in Kitzbühel, Austria. The Hahnenkamm and its downhill course, Streif, are the scene of unforgettable triumphs contrasted with heart-stopping moments of the most serious consequences. This award-winning film offers a unique insight into the history of this legendary ski race and the minds of the world’s fastest skiers. “STREIF” is now available exclusively on Vimeo On Demand to own and rent, and through a U.S. theatrical tour by Warren Miller Entertainment. Available everywhere December 12th.

“The Hahnenkamm-Rennen is the ultimate win for a ski racer as it is demands the will to put it all on the line and face the consequences for a piece of history. Respect it, but ski it to own it,” said Daron Rahlves, first American champion (downhill, 2003) on the Streif course in 44 years, who also narrates the film. “The Streif film goes deep into the history and lives of ski racers who face fear on the most terrifying race hill on the World Cup circuit.”

Nowhere in the world is ski racing celebrated more intensely than in Kitzbühel. Skiers tip off and head down the course at speeds nearing 100mph. When the athletes tear down the course, it’s not only the raucous crowd of tens of thousands of spectators who cheer them on, but also millions of viewers worldwide perched on the edge of their seats.

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