Standard Pacific Introduces Luxurious Adventure Bags

Standard Pacific Bags

Standard Pacific, the upcoming adventure and travel brand announced it will be launching their bags on kickstarter. They have been developing this project for over two years, and are proud to release the Field Rucksack and Duffle. A brand that prides itself in the perfection of design with technical features through packs has teamed up with JBird Co. Industrial Design House in Portland, OR, a company known for manufacturing high quality canvas and leather goods domestically.

“The pursuit of perfection is endless, we believe in a new breed of bags that bring the world of adventure, travel and street wear together,” says Designer of Standard Pacific, Justin Pyle.

Where will you go? How will you get there? Where will you stay? What will you do? How long will you be gone? These were the questions the designers asked themselves before beginning on their journey to launching this brand. Standard Pacific has slowly been revealing their packs on social media platforms as well as the landing page ( The company will continue to design and develop more products as they grow.

Standard Pacific Goods Standard Pacific Goods Standard Pacific Goods

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