Spring Equinox Wave: Tidal Bore

“Every year, around the spring equinox, a single huge wave surges from the Atlantic Ocean down the Amazon and its tributaries, running for hundreds of miles.

The nearly endless wave is called the pororoca in Brazil, and is an example of a tidal bore. Tidal bores happen around the world in places where high tides push sea water into narrow spaces like the mouths of rivers. The tide rushes in in a single, tumultuous wave.

The Amazon bore happens at particularly high tides throughout the year, but it’s especially big around the spring equinox, which happened on Sunday.

This is when Brazil’s rainy season coincides with extra high tides, fueling a single crest that can reach 15 feet high and run for hundreds of miles”.

Source: PRI

Until we see what kind of footage was collected from this years event let’s enjoy this magnificent trip from Rip Curl back in 2011.

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