Sony Unveils a6300 Powerhouse Camera With 4K

Sony a6300

After what seemed like an eternity Sony has finally announced their follow up to the once impressive a6000 mirrorless camera. After months of speculation and empty promises the updated unit is destined for shelves across the world. Why has this been such an awaited release you may ask? Well, we could go on for hours but simply put, the mirrorless camera market has been innovating at a rapid pace and we feel that the vast majority of consumer photographers really don’t want to carry around a traditional DSLR anymore. It’s one thing to have a speciality camera for planned shoots but when you are traveling there is no substitute for portability. This new a6300 camera packs a solid punch into its small frame and will definitely please many people. The question is, will that be you?

  • Sensor:
    • 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor with copper wiring
    • 14-stops of dynamic range
  • Performance:
    • Eight frames-per-second continuous live view
    • 11 fps with no autofocus between frames
  • Autofocus:
    • 0.05-second autofocus with 425 points
    • World’s highest number of autofocus points covering entire image frame
    • High-density tracking autofocus technology activates large number of points surrounding the subject, tracks at 11 fps
    • Supports phase-detect AF with older lenses
  • Viewfinder:
    • XGA OLED TruFinder
    • “the advantages of electronic preview with the immediacy of an optical viewfinder”
    • “the A6300 truly connects you with the action like no other camera can”
  • Video capture:
    • 4K video capture in Super 35mm format with full-pixel readout, no pixel binning
    • “Best 4K video in a Sony consumer camera ever”
    • 2.4x oversampling from downsampling 6K sensor data
    • 120 fps high frame-rate video
    • S-Log and S-Gamut

The all new Sony a6300 will be shipping in March with a body only price of $1,000 USD or $1,150 with a 16-50mm hit lens.

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