Smith I/O7 Snow Goggles For Frameless Performance

The new and highly anticipated Smith I/O7 snow goggles arrived just in time to make a three day trip to Mammoth. Given that I have had positive experiences with Smith in the past I didn’t bring a back up pair of goggles. These were either going to blow me away or be a huge let down. Fortunately, the new I/O7 delivered more on this trip than the postman has all year long.

Smith I/O7 Technical Features

Single-pivot quick release lens change system

Includes bright light and low light performance mirror lenses

Spherical carbonic-x lens

5X™ anti-fog inner lens

TLT lens technology for crystal clear vision

Patented Porex™ filter prevents optical distortion during changes in elevation

Medium fit

QuickFit strap adjustment system with clip buckle

3-layer DriWix face foam

Available in Asian fit

Helmet compatible

AirEvac integration technology to reduce fogging

Ultra-wide, silicone backed strap

Dual-axis outrigger position system

Includes microfiber goggle bag with replacement lens sleeve

First off, the clarity giving ignite lens is optimal for the bright and very sunny conditions that Mammoth provided all weekend long. As one of Smith’s largest spherical lenses my field of vision was enormous and unobstructed at all times. Eye fatigue can often get the better of me when boarding with direct sun exposure but the ignite mirror offered complete protection from the top of the mountain to the lodge. Though it doesn’t have specific transition features the lens adapts well when the sun is the main source of light and provides near perfect optical clarity on the snow. Similar to Smith’s cycling glasses these goggles disappear on your face in the best way possible.

On my third pow day it was mostly cloudy making the provided yellow tinted lens a better choice for all day visual comfort. You may be thinking, “who on earth wants to unstrap their bindings and work on their goggles halfway through the morning!” This is where the new I/O7 reveals its secret sauce. The large full face lens has a small lever on top of the frame that pops the current lens off and snaps the new one in place. It’s easy enough to do on a single lift ride and doesn’t entail a learning curve. Once into place you simple close the lever and the lens is securely fastened. I ended up catching an edge multiple times which truly tested how well the lens was attached to the frame. Trust me when I say it wont be the first piece of gear to detach in the event of a yard sale.

The lens replacement system makes it too easy to change out the lens. Just a turn on the top flipping dial allows users to replace the lens in bright or low light with a breeze. The lens is still very snug and have no play what so ever. Think about it, this saves you having to have two different goggles… It’s an all in one. Leaving more money to spend at the bar and giving you more time to get the gnar!

Aside from the plethora of tech features The I/O7 frameless design is so pleasing to your vision. When first riding with these it’s apparent that I was missing out on what current deigns are offering. It offers so much volume and protection without being bulky in any way, shape or form. The 3 layer DriWix face foam embodies the quality that Smith is notorious for and hugs the face without irritation or rubbing.

My favorite feature of the I/07 was the 5x anti-fog technology. Seriously they never fogged up, even with me breathing directly on them. This is such a valuable feature when choosing technical terrain and should never be overlooked. If you’ve ever experienced a fogged up lens, then you now have even more reason to grab a pair of the Smith I/07 goggles.

The rear strap clasp is genius as these goggles aren’t your traditional one-piece loop; the I/07 is a goggle interface with two independent straps hooking together allowing the user to seamlessly pair with a helmet of their choice. This quick closure system wont sling shot off of your helmet if it adjusts at higher speeds. So simply strap, clip and go!

After giving these goggles a proper test I can say I’m fully hooked on Smith. The I/07 is the king of the mountain at $199. I am Looking forward to showing off the frameless style and extremely functional goggle on my next snow day.

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