Single Speed Mayhem SSCWC

Leave your spandex at home and put on your favorite superhero costume for the world’s muddiest bike ‘race’. The Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships are afoot in Victoria and the winning prize isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s a tattoo.

The SSCWC is a completely unsanctioned cycling event that still seems to draw mass crowds of riders for all of the right reasons. In simple terms, this event elevates cycling to the nitty gritty sport that it is! This years event will take place in Portland where is was held for three consecutive years through 2009. Given the location and event organizers the current speculation promises a more than memorable atmosphere for the three days.

Even more interesting about this event is its prize purse. Not only is there very little to no money involved but the winner must receive a tattoo. You heard that right, ink is what you get for working your a$$ off to win in this event. Don’t forget that there is only one gear involved in this race.

So are you in?!

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