Sicily Cycling Adventure

We are three friends, that have known each other for a life. Each of us has his own personality and life style. We know each other so well that often words are not necessary.Life has brought us to different places, far away from each others. But whenever we meet even after years it seems that only a day has passed by.

Our idea for this trip was to cross Sicily’s regional parks. We wanted to do that by bike because it’s the mean of transport that we love the most and we wanted to go far away from the main roads and the touristic towns. We wanted wild places where you can bike for days without meeting anybody. And when you are actually meeting somebody that person is as happy and surprised as you are to find each others.

When you look at Sicily on a map you can distinguish 3 huge green areas.the Madonie park, the Nebrodi park and the Etna park. The Etna is a proper mountain, with the capital M. its crater is just the tip of an iceberg.

We have managed to cross it despite the weather wasn’t really helping. I thought that in Sicily they didn’t know the snow but I was wrong. Very wrong. We saw plenty of snow in Sicily and this was just the first of all the surprising things we have experienced during this bike trip throughout the island.

A film by:
Featuring: Lorenzo Plebani, Nicola Simoncelli & Giordano Garosio
Edit: Giordano Garosio
Music: The Cinematic Orchestra – ‘To Build A Home’
Supported: Gialdini, Big Trail Mama, Miss Grape, Cariboo Patagonia, Mico, Ticket to the Moon, Nikon Italia & SalsaCycles

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