Secur Sun power 6000 Solar Charger

1 Effective and versatile power bank

With so many sun drenched summer vacations being planned we thought that this would be perfect timing to share the SUN POWER 6000 Charger by Secur. In theory a trip into the backcountry is supposed to free us from our dependence on electronics but who are we kidding? When a photo opportunity of a lifetime presents itself we need to share it on our social channels. To do this you need power and fortunately for all of us social media gurus Secur has built a compact and durable device to give us this power. When you live in Southern California there is no shortage of sun. To test out the Sun Power 6000’s features we brought this charger along on a weekend camping trip as our sole power source.

Starting with the outside shell of this product, we appreciated the water resistant and almost rubberized material that not only repelled lake water with east but also deflected blows from the rocky campsite. I had expected to walk away with a beat up charging device after use since the only table like structures available in our campsite were boulders. To my delight I was literally able to clean off all but one scratch as well as dirt residue from this surface material.


In terms of connectivity the Sun Power 6000 offers built-in full size male USB cable and plug, built-in male micro USB cable and plug and built-in micro USB. These three options cover mostly any device that you would bring along on an outdoor adventure. To compliment USB power sources this devices has an integrated shatter proof LCD display screen that shows your available battery life at all times.

As avid Apple product user we just so happened to have multiple iphone’s as well as an ipad to charge. One important note to remember when using this device is that you do need to bring your apple charger chord along to connect to your devices through the USB connection. Secur has rated their high capacity lithium polymer battery with a 12-14 hour complete charge time under direct sun which proved to be accurate as it took just under six hours to charge ours from half charged battery life. What really sets this unique device apart is that once we charged it up completely it in return charged our phones six times without needing the sun. With our Apple chord the charge process was seamless and worked very well for our weekend trip.


Below are the specs for the Sun Power 6000:

• High Efficiency Solar Panel – 5.5V/620mA
• 21.5% efficiency
• High Capacity Lithium Battery – 3.7V/6000 mAh
• USB Cable input – 5V/1A
• Output – USB Port 1 – 5V/2.1A
• Output – USB Port 2 – 5V/1.A
• Output – Micro USB Cable – 5V/1A
• Charging time via USB charger – 6 hours
• Charging time via built-in solar panel
– 12 – 14 hours under full sunlight
• Input voltage – 5 volt/ 500mA
• Power display – LCD
• 6″ x 3.65″ x .75″ (9.5 oz.)

The Panels:

The Sun Power 6000 comes equipped with two high efficiency solar panels that are connected with a smooth pivot joint for easy opening and closure. Although this device truly shined with unobstructed sun exposure we tested it with a bit of tree coverage as well and found that it was adequate to hold the charge already in our phone and ipad. Did we mention that the USB 2.0 option allows you to charge two devices at once!


At a retail value of $129 you will not be disappointed with the usability and efficiency that this device provides. For shorter excursions, road trips and weekend camping trips the Sun Power 6000 has you charged!

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