Seagull Bags Perfects the Commuter Sling

Seagull Bags -

Over the past few months we have become accustomed to the premium quality bags that Seagull Bags offers. From the Nightshift V2 to the Trail Buddy we have endorsed their craftsmanship time and time again. We understand that finding the right bag can be a tricky endeavor and thats why we are such big fans of this brand. With the cyclist in mind Seagull Bags has spent more time than many companies have been in business just trying to perfect their design. They now confidently believe that every commuter can benefit from their sling and want you to give it a try.

Here is the Commuter Sling on paper:

As a commuter, there are enough things to worry about in the mornings such as traffic, weather, and being pressed for time. Seagull Bags presents the Commuter Sling, an essential for making your daily commute a breeze. With 11 years distilled into testing and feedback, the result is a bag that won’t quit on you when it seems like everything around you is. It’s perfect for getting you to work and then as far away from it as possible.

Seagull Bags Commuter Sling -


  • Waterproof fabric
  • Floating liner construction
  • Zippered Interior Organizer
  • Side Pocket
  • Interior Flat Back Pocket
  • Hidden Pocket
  • Female Buckles
  • Light Loop
  • Updated Strap
  • Medium – 15.5w (24) x 11.5h x 7.5d  1337 ci
  • Large – 17w (27) x 13.5h x 9d  2065 ci

A word from the designer – 

The commuter sling really is our first bag that we ever designed in 2003.  Obviously it’s come a really long way.  The inspiration was clear.  I wanted a way to get around town by bike without having my things ruined.  I was not overly impressed by the options available at the time.  That’s where it all began…
Our design philosophy is simple.  Make it bomb-proof, weather-proof and the most comfortable bag available.  At the core of all of this is user experience.  It’s easy for new start-ups to claim all that stuff.  And more power to them.  Any time that someone is making things by hand we applaud them.  But you simply don’t really know.  The testing has been 12+ years of feedback from every corner of the globe.  We fix bags that are having issues and that perhaps is the best way to see how the bags are wearing.  There is no substitute for time.

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