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Sunglasses are an essential part of everyones wardrobe. They are the epitome of the timeless fashion conundrum of, “Form vs. function.” Since their conception in the early 20th century, sunglasses have earned a serious spot in the fashion archives with styles such as “The Wayfarer,” “The Club Master,” and “The Aviator.” SABRE Sunglasses (, based out of Costa Mesa, CA brings a fresh take to the sunglass market with their pair, “The Vacation.”


While the Browline style was made popular by Ray Ban in the 1950’s and 60’s, Sabre’s take is much more contemporary, with a matte black finish and dark lenses. The glasses are constructed from a hand tooled Acetate frame and held together with five barrel hinges. Even after repeated use, the hinges have remained tight and smooth. Those with a larger face shape will be happy to know that while the hinges do not hyper extend, the frames are flexible enough to adapt to any size skull.

The lenses that come standard issue on the Vacation model are a traditional dark tint, which SABRE identifies as their “CR-39 lens.” They are not polarized, and while that helps cut down on the price, the glasses do allow a small amount of glare. That being said, the lenses have held up well after consistent use. With regular contact, the lenses have not scratched or shown anything other than small smudges. The wire injected temples are adjustable and comfortable. After long periods of wearing the glasses—over 4 hours—there were no nasal marks or any noticeable temporal pressure.


The phrase, “the devil is in the details,” rings true for the SABRE vacation sunglasses. On the inside of both the left and right arm, there are small gold inscriptions—“SABRE” on the left and “VACATION” on the right hand side. The small matte black SABRE logo on the front ends of both arms also add a nice touch. But by far the best detail of the glasses, is the inscription on the left brow—“FAST TIMES.” These glasses will certainly serve the test of time. SABRE’s superb craftsmanship improves on an already timeless design. Subtle accents, tied together with a matte black finish make The Vacation sunglasses a key accessory to anyones wardrobe.


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