Roadtripping the Mawson Trail

There is inherent adventure in the act of cycling that lures us to our next ride. Whether it’s on local single track or down miles of pass roads we set our minds free as soon as we jump on the bike. This freedom can’t be replaced by anything else in our lives and it most definitely shouldn’t be. To further explore the adventure in the sport, CyclingTips planned out a Roadtripping series that documents the journey of three riders who are eager to just get out there see what the world has waiting for them. Here is an update from their story.

Back in June CyclingTips shared the most recent installment in their ongoing Roadtripping series: Roadtripping the Mawson Trail. Over the course of six days, three riders rode 900km north from Adelaide into the red vastness of the Australian outback, battling strong winds, poorly maintained gravel roads and impassably sticky mud.

You’ve seen Tim Bardsley-Smith’s amazing photos from the adventure (and if you haven’t, you’ll want to take a look here). Now, check out the 15-minute film of the trip, shot by CyclingTips/BikeExchange videographer Malcolm Bloedel.

Don’t get itchy feet now, we can’t all spend our days riding across the countryside.

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