Riding Giants In Chile + Patagonia

MTB Trails in Chile

When you pedal to the summit of a climb, surrounded by a ring of snow-capped volcanoes, or when you catch your first glimpse of Torres del Paine at sunset, you’ll realize that the landscapes of Chile and Patagonia are even more breath taking than you could possibly have imagined.

Mountain Biking in Chile

H+I Adventures Chile Trip

The H+I Adventures 12-day adventure in Chile will take you more than 2,000km from the Lakes and Volcanoes region to the imposing towers of Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia. We’ve carefully crafted this adventure so that you weave your way intricately into the most awe-inspiring, astonishing landscapes in the world. You’ll mountain bike on the lava fields of active volcanoes, through thick araucaría forests; crest high Andean mountain passes, and hikes to the foot of the Torres del Paine massif.

Patagonia MTB Trip

You’ll also learn about local Mapuche culture whilst enjoying a traditional Chilean ‘asado’ (barbecue), soak tired muscles in natural hot springs, spot the Milky Way in the clear night skies of Patagonia, and kayak up to Grey Glacier through aqua-marine icebergs.

During your time in Chile you will stay in a variety of different accommodation, from lakeside lodges, to luxury domed tents in Patagonia; and forest cabins to traditional, family-run hotels. The unique, vibrant tapestry of landscapes, flora and fauna that make up Chile and Patagonia will move you and stay with you forever – we promise you that!

Cycling adventures in Patagonia

One important thing to note is that you can’t mountain biking on single track in the national park, so in Patagonia, H+I travellers will hop off the bike and opt for hiking and kayaking instead. There’s 7 days of mountain biking in the Lakes & Volcano region, followed by 4 days of mixed-activity in Patagonia.

Are you in?  If so check out the full trip details here and book your trip!

Trip photos courtesy of H+I Adventures.


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