Ridgemont Mesa Mid-Tops

8 From the office to the trails in on shoe

Durability, convenience and versatility all describe gear that we dream to have yet rarely experience. Ridgemont Outfitters has designed and built an all-new line of footwear that embodies these very important aspects of outdoor gear. What makes these shoes so much different from the rest in their class is that their intended use and appearance might seem contradictory.

What I mean by this statement is that typical suede mid-tops would normally be seen on the sales floor display at your local department store. In addition the sales associate that would normally be selling a shoe such as this one would be heard talking about their flawless fashion and compatibility with cuffed jeans.

Well… although the Ridgemont Mesa can definitely fit these descriptions it’s much, much more versatile and most importantly durable. From the office to the trails or the classroom to the beach these shoes can look good and perform in nearly any environment. The oiled suede construction is waterproof while the bottom and outsole made from 100% hi-density rubber are strong enough to withstand a beating that only the trails and outdoors can provide.

As professionals of the action sports industry we often find ourselves in the office preparing for a meeting in the morning and on the trails by the afternoon for gear testing or a lunch ride. So far we have worn the Mesa mid-tops in the dirt, on the sand and through the streets. Not only have they held up well but have also remained very comfortable with few signs of wear. Given that they are still a design inspired street shoe with textile construction they won’t hold up to the elements or terrain like a traditional hiking shoe. On the other hand they will take on light challenges while also serving as your best pair of stylish footwear.

We have found that the Mesa fits true to size in a medium width with a well-designed footprint that provides all day comfort. They may look a bit more bulky than they feel while on your feet but that only instills the confidence needed to explore more terrain. Go ahead and scuff them up a bit, they look better that way.

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