Project Infrared: East Coast Defender

East Coast Defender

East Coast Defender: Project Infrared

Perfection is their hallmark, their inspiration is in their roots: owned by three Brits (and founded by two brothers under 30), East Coast Defender is as much about passion as it is about quality (100% of work is done in-house, in their 11,000 sqft Kissimmee, Florida facility – from engines to upholstery to paint).

This is a NAS (North American Spec) Edition build, which is a part of our product line. This is a vehicle we source and build to a client’s desired spec as well as the NAS Edition being the only build in our product line that allows for a 8-12 week turn-around time. Total cost for this build is 90k turnkey.

East Coast Defender

East Coast Defender

What was done: 

  • Firenze Red paint
  • Fully rebuilt 3.9 V8 engine
  • 2″ Lift kit
  • Removable fiberglass roof
  • Fully re-trimmed seats
  • Fully re-sealed drive train
  • All new brakes
  • Upgraded sound system
  • Full internal roll cage
  • Swing away wheel carrier
  • Boost alloy wheels
  • Style cage
  • LED lighting all around

Build timeframe:  8 weeks

East Coast Defender

East Coast Defender

Cost: $90,000

Notable details: Extremely rare NAS D90 Convertible, only built in the US from 1994-1997 specifically to meet North American car standards.

Type of build: This is actually the first in our series of NAS Edition vehicles. East Coast Defender has the means to purchase these rare NAS vehicles and use the body style to produce a custom Land Rover Defender that is truly custom and one of maybe 500+ of these vehicles out there. The NAS edition also means that it moves more quickly through our production line, so time frames go from 6 months to as little as 8 weeks.

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