PINES Mighty Greens

10 Superfood for super health

We all need out greens and whether we enjoy them or not we simply have to find a way to consume enough of them to aid our active bodies. Fortunately for you all of us here at Gearminded can’t get enough of them therefore we will do the taste testing for you. We have been through many health phases and from one kick to another very few nutritional supplements seem to remain in our diet for extended periods of time. Why you may ask? Well to be honest the cost to benefit ratio doesn’t play out in our favor to often. Even when something tastes good and may have some health benefits it can be very difficult to justify the continuous expense.

This is exactly why we are sharing PINES MIGHTY GREENS with you. If you are going to spend the money to enhance your diet then we want to provide you with the products that have worked well for us.


At PINES, they are proud to supply customers with the same high-quality cereal grasses, grown in the same rich glacial soils of northeastern Kansas that the scientists used for dozens of studies published in major medical journals. Young grasses like PINES Wheat Grass and PINES Barley Grass contain the widest spectrum of vitamins and minerals found in any vegetable, as well as additional nutrients Schnabel and his team dubbed “the grass juice factor.” Whether in powder or tablet form, try PINES cereal grasses for yourself and discover the advantages of whole-food nutrition: “Mother Nature’s Multiple.”

When PINES contacted us to try out one of their newer products we quickly ordered up our very own jar of MIGHTY GREENS (A simple and effective nutrient-dense, dark green blend of organic wheatgrass and organic alfalfa combined with other nutrient-dense super foods). With a busy schedule and a lack of blenders in the office we rely heavily on green supplements that are quick and easy to mix up. This super food blend combined the PINES organic wheatgrass, alfalfa leaf, hemp protein and natural stevia.


After a months use of MIGHTY GREENS we all agree that this nutrient dense mix is best consumed as a morning smoothie. With 1 tablespoon of mix added to 6-8 fluid ounces of almond or soymilk and a touch of frozen fruit you will be pleasantly surprised. When you first open your jar of MIGHTY GREENS you can sense the seed to farm process as the mix smells pure and is fine enough to blend smoothly without clumping. The real difference in PINES from most other quality natural green supplements is the undeniable taste of organic freshness. With so many years invested in preserving freshness and growing nutrient dense crops you can feel the difference in nutritional gain from this mix. The simply yet effective super food mix of what grass, alfalfa and hemp with a touch of natural stevia tastes sweet enough to fool your taste buds. Most importantly, the investment that PINES has made into harvesting a fresh product has paid off. As you consume this mix day after day the energy boost is undeniable while the easing effect on your digestive system is even more welcoming. Again if we haven’t pounded this into your memory yet freshness and nutrient density is key. Even with considerably more sensitive stomachs than most we relied on PINES to provide us with a soothing and natural energy boosting smoothie morning after morning.


Serving size: 1 tablespoon

Calories: 30

Fat: 0.5g

Sodium: 10mg

Potassium: 200mg

Total Carbohydrate: 4g

Dietary Fiber: 3g

Sugars: 1g

Protein: 2g


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