ourCaste Paul DWR Pant Review

Surfing, pushing around on skateboards and motorcycles are at the heart of the Paul DWR pant by ourCaste. This foundation shares a common requirement in the balance of form and function. The enthusiasts who compose ourCaste are living and breathing a lifestyle that has shaped their lives into what it is today. This passion, authenticity and non-traditional style is paving the way for some truly worthy products.  The Paul DWR pant fits comfortably into this simplistic way of living while incorporating modern fashion and function.



On any given day you will find us in the office at one moment and on the bike or on the sand in the next. We may get paid to complete our work behind a computer but the real work is done outdoors while using the gear that fuels ours dreams. Due to this lifestyle we choose to wear clothes that fit our street and coast inspired fashion sense while still meeting the requirements of the professional world.  The Paul DWR pant does this impeccably and appeals to a wide range of styles. Made from cotton with a thorough water repellent coating we found the pant to be surprisingly soft and compliant with constant movement. The repellency works well for everything from the common coffee spill to keeping you dry on your ride to work. You shouldn’t expect to make it through a downpour or wear these to your local mountain resort but they are a worthy middle ground.


From a less tech oriented perspective the Paul DWR is undoubtedly falls under the slim fit category with a minimal taper starting at the knee. The cuffs are easily foldable and rest cleanly with casual footwear and slim boots. The waistline was true to size and offered more flex with wear than other slim fit pants we have worn. In our most straightforward description you will receive a clean tailored look without concern for obstacles your day may present.

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