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ourCaste Camden shirt

With the weather changing from east to west it’s time for most to pack away the tees and break out the warmer clothing. Most brands across the states are launching new apparel geared for the warmth seeking individual. With the sun still shining on the west coast we are just in time to share a couple of unique apparel pieces from local brand ourCaste.  Working attire and streetwear shouldn’t call for two separate wardrobes and ourCaste proves this with their Camden button down and Cory pullover.

With these two pieces falling into the technical line of streetwear the brand integrated some not so obvious features into the garments that would normally be associated with outerwear or athletic apparel.

Let’s start with the Camden button down in white marble- Sizes (small-xx large)

How many of your standard cotton button downs that you rely on for everyday work use can wick moisture away from your body? As long as you aren’t decked out in adventure shirts designed for a safari or fishing trip you would probably answer with zero.

The Camden is built with Oxford cotton in a way that pulls moisture away from the skin to provide you with more comfort than expected from a semi-fitted shirt. What we liked most about this shirt is its ability to stay dry in the heat whether it’s outdoors or in the office. Paired with your trusty deodorant the Camden really can help you feel more comfortable during the day.

ourCaste Camden wicking shirt

The fit embodies a slim cut with sleeves that aren’t too short and leave plenty of room in the shoulders for movement. As a size medium I felt that the shirt was true to size and offers a length that work with denim or shorts. The mid modern white marble design is unique and provides a classic feel to your modern style. The overall comfort and fit left me feeling more than satisfied with sharing this piece.

Long live the pull over. In its simplest form the pull over can transform your outfit to satisfy the needs of a business casual dress code. Fortunately ourCaste designed it a bit differently and left the simple version to all of those basic folk who don’t understand what a feature is.

ourCaste Cory pullover

The ourCaste Cory in heather grey packs a few unexpected punches. Premium French terry makes for an ultra-soft feel that never felt itchy or irritating. As a layering piece it’s not intended to be a thick insulator but rather just enough to battle the early morning chill. Just like the Camden the Cory controls moisture with a Durable Water Repellent Coating over the terry material. This proved to work as advertised as heading into work after morning surf has been wet and rainy over the past few days. Although you can’t expect the Cory to keep you dry for extended periods of time and it WILL absorb water in the pouring rain it’s a great option if you aren’t sure where your day will take you. An added thermal welded chest patch pocket offers up a small space to hold into to some needed accessories like a debit card or key. Again the pocket like the outer material isn’t waterproof from the elements.  The pocket is nearly flush with the terry cloth material and doesn’t get in the way whatsoever.

ourcaste Cory sweater

To follow the fit of their entire clothing line you can expect the Cory to fit more snug than an average pullover. The yoke seams across the chest and back provide a snugger feel and prevent the material from bunching up. As a more fashionable layering piece the clean and smooth seams allowed me to wear the Cory with a jacket at night while still holding onto that slim fit look. No pullover is complete without a kangaroo pocket and ourCaste somehow integrated one into the Cory without that extra budge in material. The pocket provided warmth when needed and never stretched out like a traditional sweatshirt. Paired with thumb gators that are stitched to last this piece is far more capable as a layering unit than it suggests from the outside. Pick it up from ourCaste for those days when you want to look good but feel like kickin back.

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