ourCaste Brutus Short

When you are looking for a trusty pair of surf shorts that will have you feeling comfortable when the water is warm and the sun is shining the ourCaste Brutus is a quality choice. With a limitless supply of shorts available from surf shops to department stores you may ask what are some key features to look for. This can simply be answered by your habits and needs when in and out of the water.

The crew at ourCaste are inherently water dwellers and if you happen to find them away from the shore there is a good chance that they will still have a board nearby. With this in mind we can assure you that the Brutus short is designed to be extremely comfortable yet more than capable of serving your everyday active short as well.


This short starts with a canvas of 94% polyester and 6% spandex to form a very light feel with enough elasticity to eliminate bunching up. The small amount of spandex is just enough to offer noticeable stretch for a wide range of movement. From surfing to running or swimming the Brutus has been designed to be to an all-day beach short.

Where most polyester trunks end their journey this short is just getting started. With a rear and side zippered pocket strategically welded and sealed you can securely store your belongings without fear of losing some valuable.

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We can’t count how many times ripped short pockets have left us questioning how we lost our wallet or keys. To further enhance the dynamic nature of this short the designers have incorporated a fine high quality mesh into the inner thigh area on both legs. This proved to allow proper ventilation while wearing them. Oddly enough it also reduced our trunks from ballooning up when resting on our boards in the water. At just under 17 inches in length the Brutus is undoubtedly shorter than your average shorts. This modern-retro design will have you feeling less restricted when in the water and feeling free on land. These shorts are all about fun with a vintage yet sophisticated look acceptable for your daily routine.

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